Filming the 9/11 Tribute Music Video

Filming the 9/11 Tribute Music Video

An emotive charity single and video to pay tribute to the 343 fire-fighters that made the ultimate sacrifice 15 years ago.

Find out why these fire engines were at Edinburgh Castle!

Filming the new music video for the Red Hot Chilli Pipers got underway recently in the centre of Edinburgh. Being produced by Scottish digital media company Airborne Lens, the video will feature the world famous bagpipe band in various iconic locations around Scotland, all filmed with spectacular ultra high definition cameras as well as using the latest state-of-the-art 4K drone cameras. 

Kennetpans: The Ground Zero of the Whisky Industry

New digital media released of Kennetpans ruins, the birthplace of commercial whisky distilling. 

UPDATE 17 June 2016: A recent survey has identified that a section of the ruin is in imminent danger of collapse, the area in question being the location of Scotland's first James Watt Steam Engine (1786). This ruin must be saved and it needs your help now. Please donate at: 


Kennetpans (near to the town of Alloa in Clackmannanshire) was founded in the 1720s by the charismatic and controversial Stein family, and became the largest distillery in Scotland. It played a key role in Scotland's industrial revolution and helped found two of the world’s most famous drinks brands, Jamesons and Haigs. 

With a passion for Scotland's history (and an enjoyer of a wee dram now and again!), Airborne Lens photographer and aerial filmmaker, Liam Anderstrem, spent a weekend at the ruins to capture a variety of digital media that he hopes will raise awareness of it's remarkable story and encourage viewers to form an emotional connection to the site and perhaps even take the time to visit for themselves.

New digital media:

  • An aerial 360-degree interactive panorama - where viewers can experience the site and its surroundings from a bird's-eye view and click on hotspots for additional information and media content. Click here to view.
  • Accurate 3D modelling - captured using geo-referenced data from a drone, this 3D models allows viewers to move around an accurate model of the main distillery building. Click here to view.
  • 4K Video - a short film shot using state-of-the-art aerial and ground based ultra high definition cameras. Click here to view trailer. 
  • A series of high resolution photographs - Click here to view gallery

Kennetpans remains untouched since the last workers left in 1825. In its day, production rose to such levels that duty paid by the Kennetpans and Kilbagie distillery complex was greater than all land tax collected annually in Scotland. 

“The site is of great importance to the industrial archeological heritage of Scotland. It would be nothing short of a tragedy if the site was left to vanish.” Charles MacLean, Master of the Quaich.

Find out more about this fascinating story on the Kennetpans Trust website: 


Watch the trailer video: 

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Where are the Greatest Rail Journeys in the World? Scotland of course!

Where are the Greatest Rail Journeys in the World? Scotland of course!

Scotland boasts some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in the world. So what better way to enjoy it than from the comfort of a train, while enjoying a fresh cup of tea and munching on tasty shortbread? A new short film from Scottish aerial filmmakers Airborne Lens showcases some of the famous routes and stunning eye candy that travelers can expect to see on these iconic journeys.