Aerial Drone Footage Tracks Progress of Overhead Transmission Line Upgrade

Images by  Airborne Lens

Images by Airborne Lens

Commercial drones equipped with high-resolution cameras have been used to document progress of a major infrastructure upgrade to Scotland’s transmission network for ScottishPower. Scottish digital media production company and licensed drone operators Airborne Lens, were commissioned to capture footage of key installations and project milestones.

A major milestone in the development of the Scottish transmission network was achieved with the energisation of the Beauly to Denny 400/275kV overhead line.

The project has been undertaken in conjunction with Scottish Hydro Electricity Transmission Limited (SHETL) with SP Transmission being responsible for the construction of a major new 400/275kV substation at Denny and 20km of overhead line from Denny to the boundary with SHETL.

The new line is an essential element in the development of the UK transmission system to facilitate renewable generation and to help Scotland realise its renewable energy potential, carbon reduction targets and support security of supply. The line will transport renewable energy from the North of Scotland to the Central Belt, where the integration at Denny facilitates its onward transmission over SPT’s existing network.

Engineers complete the topping out of the last pylon on the side of the Ochils near Stirling.

Engineers complete the topping out of the last pylon on the side of the Ochils near Stirling.

Drones in the Industrial Sector

Drones are proving to be an extremely versatile tool for utility and industrial companies. Not only are they being used for quick, safe and low cost inspections of tall structures such as pylons and chimneys but also for land surveys. They are also used to capture stunning imagery for promotional material for websites and social media, especially for showcasing large sites and promoting new projects and investments.

Airborne Lens have been working for ScottishPower on a number of projects, including the filming of the demolition of Cockenzie Power Station in Prestonpans near Edinburgh on 26th September, 2015. Video from the event was then syndicated to major news channels within minutes. 

And a recent promotional film to mark the 50th anniversary of Cruachan Power Station (aka "The Hollow Mountain") features an amazing flight through the tunnel linking the visitor centre with the turbine hall deep inside the mountain! Check it out here