Flying Drones at Night in The Enchanted Forest

Prepare to be AMAZED by the stunning sound and light event at this years Enchanted Forest in Faskally Wood in Highland Perthshire. 

Flying drones in a forest during the day is a challenge, but flying at night takes it to a whole new level. There are many factors to consider, such as operating in tight and dark spaces, judging distances from trees and branches, and the wind speed above the tree canopy will be a lot different to that on the ground.

Airborne Lens was commissioned to film this years Enchanted Forest using drones, and so careful planning was required to ensure that the filming could be done safely and that the cameras would best capture the stunning visual display on the ground.   

Daytime Recce

As one of Scotland's only commercial drone operators with a license to fly at night, Airborne Lens follow tight guidelines as approved the Civil Aviation Authority. 

Ahead of any nighttime operation, the team will conduct a daytime recce. This involves a site survey and trial flights, mapping the flight path that will be recreated on the night. The team identified take off locations and checked GPS coverage. They also produced a 360 panorama that became invaluable for briefings and final planning. Check it out here: 360 Pano Tour

Checking footage and weather conditions

Checking footage and weather conditions

On the night

The team set up ground lights around the take off and landing area, and a team of safety marshals helped secure the area.

Weather was typically Scottish with light drizzle and a steady wind, and at one point it looked like the shoot would not be able to go ahead. However the weather eased off, the rain stopped, and as the light show came on and the sky darkened it was time to shoot!

The amazing water feature in the main loch projects a stunning light show.

The amazing water feature in the main loch projects a stunning light show.

Exclusive Drone Footage

The exclusive drone footage (left) was distributed to National Press and TV and gave people a quick taste of what to expect. But to really experience the dramatic show, you have to visit!

About The Enchanted Forest

Three times winner of Best Cultural Event at the Scottish Event Awards and recently crowned winner of the Rural Tourism & Hospitality Award at the 2016 Scottish Rural Awards, the Enchanted Forest is a brilliant sound and light show that transforms a Perthshire wood each October, and is 15 years old this year. 

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